"Blending proven handwork and traditional sailmaking

methods with modern techniques of sail design and

construction to ensure good performance and lasting





Offshore Cruising Sails

Our offshore cruising sails will feature all of the inshore specifications and in addition will feature numerous refinements and upgrades.  One upgrade will step up to hand sewn rings in lieu of spur grommets. Hand sewn rings are much more durable than spur grommets and far stronger as well.  Not only is a brass ring much heavier (thicker) than a grommet, but the bearing surface it has in the sail ensures the grip or bite of the ring in the fabric. Spur grommets can tear out fairly easily and are more susceptible to corrosion.  Hand sewn rings will far outlast and outhold grommets. Hand sewn rings are "old fashioned," but they are well worth the investment of time and money. 

All Offshore Cruising Sails have the following features:
* 1st quality Premium Dacron sailcloth
* 1st quality offshore standards
* hand sewn solid brass rings for luff and foot slides, reef points and jib hank attachment points
* hand sewn stainless rings, hydraulically pressed in stainless rings or stainless webbed on external rings for high load areas
* seam ends at leech receive an added triangular reinforcement patch
* leather at all chafe points including head, tack, clew and reefs 
* triple or quadruple stitched seams for working sails, depending on weight
* ample corner reinforcements with turned under edges to eliminate frayed edges
* leech lines 
Details for Mainsails, Mizzens and Trysails
* hand sewn bolt ropes at head and clew finished off with "rat tails" along the leech
* all batten pockets will be platform type and have an extra layer of fabric under the entire batten
* standard batten pockets will be "drop type" so they can be removed without removing any stitching
* full battens will have internal Velcro closure system at leech end for tensioning and holding the battens
* battens will be 1st quality tapered fiberglass
* stainless liner in headboard for halyard shackle
Luff at full battenLeech at full battenSeam reinforcement at leech
Details for Headsails
* hand sewn solid brass hanks with leather chafe protection underneath
* extra layer of Dacron fabric reinforcing under each hank
* heavy weather hank-on headsails will feature a soft, stainless steel, vinyl covered 7x19 luff wire or an Amsteel luff rope
* foot lines
Jib hank installationJib hank installationJib tack
Details for Roller Headsails
* for durability, the heaviest luff tape that will work with your furler
* long head and tack patches for variable reefing capability
* sacrificial UV covers will be installed in one piece along leech and foot and will wrap around leech and foot hems for proper protection
Cream color Dacron
Jib detail showing long head patch
Roller Furling Sails

Read technical details and our observations about roller furling sails here.


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